The Heart and The Bottle


This is a very special picture book.  The Heart and The Bottle illustrates what so many children around the world do with overwhelming emotions they aren`t sure how to process and interact with on their own.  The message in this beautiful book by Oliver Jeffers reaches across all ages and presents a delicate issue about "loss" and how our hearts deal with the emotions/feelings attached to loss/absence.  

If I had to share what The Sound of Little Feet is all about in a few images and words then I would present The Heart and The Bottle.  The Sound of Little Feet is focused on helping children remain engaged with their hearts after trauma has entered their life and teaching them how to process all the big emotions they aren`t sure how to deal with on their own.

Maria Popova of Brain Pickings wrote a perfect description of the book.


Not Impossible

A awe-inspiring book about realizing there is an answer to every challenge.  Nothing is impossible.  Everything is possible.  Not Impossible is an invitation to take ownership of life`s big challenges.  Mick Ebeling has written a manifesto of sorts that opens our heart to what we can truly achieve and realize together as a world through to bring forth breakthroughs and answers to every challenge that is presented to us.


"If not now then when?

If not me then who?"

-Mick Ebeling   


Ebeling delivers an impactful TED Talk about his projects.  His motto is "help one, help many" and that is what this book aims to help it`s readers fully realize and all of his projects at Not Impossible Labs demonstrate.  


"Help one.  Help many."

- Mick Ebeling

I truly believe together we will be able to create effective technology that will help treat children living with trauma to work through and beyond their pain, empowering them to live a life with an open heart.