Coming together to support all little feet on their journeys



In 2017, The Sound of Little Feet will participate in a handful of marathons and triathlons to raise awareness and support for an NPO in Japan called Mirai no Mori who take children living in institutional care homes out into nature and do some incredibly inspiring work that challenge their self-limiting beliefs.  Our Founder, Matt Miller is an ambassador for Mirai no Mori and participates in as many of the camps he can, always humbled to witness the transformations that take hold in the children`s lives.

Matt believes that marathons and triathlons are a perfect instrument to talk about childhood trauma.  He used running to work through his own pain.  After moving to Japan, Matt began to process the years of frustration that has built up in his heart over the impact that his father`s trauma had on their family.  Matt quickly realized how effective running was in relieving his own stress and providing an avenue to clear his mind to focus on combating childhood trauma.  Over the years he has really come to believe how effective a tool that using one`s feet can be in combating stress and pain.  

Inspired by his own results in participating in marathon and triathlons, Matt is now working on Running Together, a project focused on using running as a vehicle to empower children living in institutional care homes to realize that they have the ability within them to channel their stress, anger, hurt and pain through the movement of their feet into something that can become a source of strength they use to move forward in their situations.  

More details will be released in 2017.


If you are interested in sponsoring a race or running your own The Sound of Little Feet charity race to raise money for Mirai no Mori please drop us a line here.