I never knew why my father was put into an orphanage but I always was curious to how he ended up there.  Upon meeting my dad’s biological mom, I was given a glimpse into the heart of a woman who had to make a difficult choice in a complicated reality that existed for many woman like her after post-war Japan.   The story Aiko shared with me challenged my previously held assumptions and thoughts about why women who give their children up.   I know my father`s story is unique to my father and our family and that every family has their own story that may or may not provide any answers and/or even the possibility of healing to all those involved.  

I fully acknowledge that I took a chance in looking for and meeting my dad`s biological mom.  For me, I was given answers and a new story to share with my family.  I was able to learn about my dad`s biological mom`s life and the burdens of  her heart. 

Please watch this short film about my journey and discovery of finding my dad`s biological mom in Japan.



After meeting my dad`s biological mom and hearing her story, my heart grieved for her pain, but I also was extremely thankful that I was able to be a vessel that allowed her to lay some of her own burdens down.

I began feeling that I wanted to start a foundation that supports women living with pain, regre and unanswered questions about past choices made regarding putting their child into the care of others like foster care, a children`s institution or similar type of situations.  

Aiko’s Heart desires to simply be a supportive shoulder to all women everywhere who want to share and talk about their experience with other women. 


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