Premium hand poured candles that cater to individuals with a heart for social equality and a love for uniquely crafted fragrances that light up your conversations and your homes.



Light a candle and re-light hope in a child`s heart.  



We seek to set up and establish a business model that will allow us to empower young men and women who`ve recently aged out of institutional care homes around Japan through a two-year apprentice program.



We desire is to build a share home in Tokyo and Los Angeles that provides a space for young adults who have aged out of the children’s home to live and work as part of the Kikkake Candle Co. family where we can run our two year apprentice programs.

Inside the proposed five-floor share home plan we envision:

1st/3rd floor:  Individual living spaces that house a number of men and women in the two-year program at any one time.   

2nd floor:   A kitchen, dinning and communal gathering area for everyone.  

4th floor:  The Candle laboratory is where all of our day-to-day candle making business is conducted.   T

5th floor:  An event space for seminars, presentations, mentoring meeting, individual and group research projects. 

The overall goal of providing people around the world the opportunity to bring into their homes a product that not only enhances their living spaces, conversations and celebrations but also a product that directly impacts the lives of those who made the candles with their own hands


 to provide a place that will help build up these young men and women, give them skills needed and provide them with a taste of the entrepreneurial spirit before they move on to pursue their own dreams.  After graduating from our two-year program and now able to speak English and with a solid next step plan in place for their life, they will be able to come back twice a month to join our bi-monthly social nights/guest speakers as an integral part of staying connected, motivated and on track in pursuit of their dreams.


We believe that quality with a purpose benefits everyone.  We desire to have our candles be recognized for not only their quality and beauty but also their social impact.  Our vision is to have our handcrafted candles lit in every home around the world.  In doing so, we hope to inspire late night conversations and celebrations as well as the ability to pour back a percentage of our profits into a handful of NGOs working with children living in institutional care homes around Japan and into our program focused on empowering young adults who are transitioning out of the children’s homes.









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