"I love your feet, because they have wandered the earth and through the wind and water, until they brought you to me."

-Pablo Neruda

Our feet are well travelled.  

They carry our journeys, they hold our stories.


We may view some of our scars and injuries, as embarrassments or even as weakness.  In response we tend to hide our pain from others.   We are afraid to be judged and fear being labeled "broken" once others know where our feet have been.   But in each of our stories there is a "connecting point", some particular part that others are able to relate to and draw strength and encouragement from.   Within Our Feet we desire to be a place of "connecting points" where stories are shared and anyone living with trauma is able to find hope and inspiration, and to realize that they are not alone in their pain. 







Grab a camera and snap a picture of your feet.  

You can take a picture of them as they are or get a pedicure first if you like.  




Write down the story of your feet





send your picture and story to us and we will post your feet and your story here






Be gentle with yourself.  Your story may not have a resolution yet.  We are all still on our journeys. 




Starting in 2018, we will begin sharing your feet and your story.


If you would like to share your story with us, please fill out the form.
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Not all stories we share will be from individuals who grew up in foster care homes and orphanages but each story is from someone who has been impacted by trauma as a child and has valuable and encouraging insight to share.